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Mobile shelving systems

A LISTA mobile shelving system is the perfect way to create lots of storage space in confined areas. When more space is needed in existing premises, LISTA has the solution: gain space without any extensions. Fixed shelf units are needed only if simultaneous access to all stored items; in all other cases, aisles between each shelf unit are simply uneconomical. Instead of many space-consuming service aisles between the fixed shelf units, one single aisle provides access to all shelf units.


Manual movement

The manual movement option allows you to move several shelf units as one block with a maximum total weight of 3 tons.

Crank drive

The crank drive with a gear reduction of 1:2 or 1:5 allows you to move shelf units or shelving blocks of up to 15 and/or 25 tons.

Electric drive

This drive is used mainly in systems with very high movement loads.


Central locking system

The central lock protects the entire system from unauthorised access.

Linking hook

The linking hook protects specific aisles and allows blocks secured in this manner to be moved only as a whole.

Aisle lock

The aisle can be locked during service times; movement of the system is not possible.


Dust cover

Horizontal and vertical dust seals protect your sensitive inventory items.

Label holders

For clear aisle labelling, LISTA offers DIN 5 size acrylic glass label holders with paper inserts.


LISTA offers suitable storage solutions for all inventory types. Shelf storage walls, shelving systems and drawer storage walls are perfectly suited for use with mobile substructures. The LISTA planning specialists utilise the many options offered by the mobile shelving system for your project. Every organisation detail is managed according to your wishes – from the design to the turnkey assembly of your system.

Shelf storage walls and archive
shelving systems

The elegant LISTA shelf storage walls are made of sheet steel. Diagonal braces or rear panels ensure stability. Depending on their dimensions and specification, the shelves have a load capacity ranging from 30 to 200 kg. The maximum loadbearing capacity of a shelving unit is 500 kg.

Shelving systems and shelving for
medium heavy inventory items

The open LISTA shelving systems made of sheet steel are suitable for bulky or heavy inventory items. They provide optimum air circulation thanks to their open design. Stability is ensured by diagonal braces or rear panels. Depending on their dimensions, the shelves have a load capacity ranging from 100 to 400 kg. Maximum load capacity per shelving unit up to 1000 kg.

Drawer storage walls

The drawer options for small parts or tools are virtually unlimited. The many drawer sizes together with the large range of partition components provide a flexible and adaptable basis for optimum and material-friendly storage.