Standard products

Freely combinable modules, from drawer cabinet to shelving, cabinets to workstation systems: LISTA’s standard products are pre-configured best-selling designs that promise functional, end-to-end high-quality operating equipment. Our standard range comprises around 2400 needs-based solutions for production, workshops, storage, assembly and more.

System solutions

System solutions from LISTA are individually configured products that you can put together from our system of over 7000 parts to match your requirements. In each product category, you can choose between different dimensions, design versions, colours and colour combinations. Special colours are also available on request.

You can also have our system solutions fitted with different locking systems, electronic access controls and a wide range of accessories, such as suitable partition material, to meet your requirements. You can look forward to a product made just for you. We will be happy to advise you.

Special solutions

Do you have such specific requirements that you need a special solution? In this case, we can offer individual engineering, whereby our products are optimally adapted to your needs. This might take the form of special or extra-large sizes or specific storage conditions, recesses, covers, etc. LISTA also provides you with a variety of industry-specific solutions, e.g. for lean workstations, MRO operations such as a car workshop or the military.

We would be delighted to be your expert partner for customised solutions. Contact us.

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