A LISTA mobile shelving system is the perfect way to create plenty of storage space in confined areas.

Mobile shelf units are moveable shelf systems that allow an optimal use of the available space. While specific spaces need to be set aside for conventional shelving, a mobile shelf unit can be moved so that one aisle is always free. As such, a mobile shelf unit makes an economical and space-saving solution if your stored goods do not need to be accessible at any given time. Another plus point is that it protects stored goods against contamination. And even if your storage requirements increase at a later date, a LISTA mobile shelf unit allows you to gain additional space, all without having to expand.


A wide variety of equipment options

  • with different drives and rail systems

Protects against dirt

  • through horizontal and vertical dust seals

Secure locking option

  • central locking system and linking hook provide protection against unauthorised access

Outstanding safety features

  • The aisle can be locked during service times; movement of the system is not possible


The choice is yours

The huge strengths of the LISTA system include the countless versions and optional features for the individual modules. Whether it’s a drawer cabinet, workbench, cabinet or shelving system, all of the solutions can be individually configured and thus flexibly adapted to a wide range of requirements. You get LISTA modules in different dimensions, designs and colours, with variable internal partitioning and a wide range of super- and substructures, locking solutions and partition material. Together we can find the solution that works for you.

More info

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