Content - Drawer cabinets with hinged or sliding doors

Drawer cabinets with hinged or sliding doors

LISTA drawer cabinets with hinged or sliding doors are ideal for large and heavy inventory items. The doors enable tall items to be safely locked away and protected from dirt, damage and unauthorised access. The flexible inner partitioning options and a variety of locking systems ensure that you have the best solution for your needs – all with lots of clever details and a 10-year guarantee. Just as you would expect from LISTA.

Locking systems

Additional storage space and work surfaces

through non-slip, easy-to-clean covers with raised
edges all round

Can be adapted to new storage items at any timebecause drawers, pull-out shelves and adjustable shelves

can be flexibly added or modified in 25 mm increments

Ideal for large and heavy inventory items up to 200 kg / drawer

with pull-out shelves for flush storage

Securely lockable

with a choice of hinged doors or space-saving sliding doors

Can easily be moved with a forklift truck

even with loaded cabinets, by using forklift truck bases



Thanks to the 25 mm increments in the vertical supports in the cabinet housings different drawers, pull-out shelves and adjustable shelves can be combined flexibly.

Single-drawer blocking system

If one drawer is pulled out it blocks all other drawers. A tilting of the cabinet is prevented.

Quiet / full extension

The no-cross bar differential pull-outs ensure perfect quietness and allows full Extension.

Hinged and sliding doors

Protect all stored items from dirt and unauthorised access. The doors also allow tall storage items to be securely locked away.

Pull-out and adjustable shelves

The pull-out shelves are suitable for the storage of large, heavy components and assemblies.


The height of the drawer cabinet can be adjusted by using the base. Drawer cabinets from width 36 E can also be supplied with a base. The anti-slide ribbed rubber mat can be used alone or in combination with the raised edge on three sides