The latest generation of LISTA locking systems combines an exceptional level of security with maximum flexibility. Our electronic locking systems operated by RFID and AUTO Lock are now even more variable and easier to use. The different systems can be freely combined to create a locking system that perfectly suits you and your requirements.

KEY Lock

The proven standard lock

The standard lock with change cylinder can be used individually, variously, simultaneously or as a central locking system. It enables easy access to up to 100 cylinders with just one key. The lock secures all drawers at once.


The solution with number combination

When locking with the battery-operated CODE Lock, the key is replaced by a number combination. A simple 4 to 6-digit code is all that is needed to open the drawers. The new CODE Lock offers up to 100 different user codes and there are already over 300 successful installations in use.


The modern alternative

The battery-operated LISTA RFID Lock enables automatic and contactless locking through radio frequency identification. It consists of a transponder in the lock and a mobile control unit such as a badge or card. The lock can be individually programmed and is easy to combine with existing RFID solutions such as access controls, workplace IDs and more. Furthermore, a free contact facilitates rapid integration into existing locking systems.


The automatic locking system

The battery-operated LISTA AUTO Lock opens and locks conveniently and securely at the push of a button or fully automatically. It offers the same functionality as the LISTA RFID Lock. If increased security is required, the optional LISTA Access software can be used to store time profiles in the lock or for individual users.


Modular locking system

  • perfectly adapted to your needs

Easy to use

  • directly on the lock (in all variants)

Optimal control and management

  • via software with standard USB cable connected to the USB front port on the lock (in variants .C, .F or .A)

Capacitive keypad

  • impervious to wear and easy to clean thanks to PCT technology

Mobile access

  • with RFID badge and RFID card

Easy energy supply

  • via mains adaptor or batteries for easy replacement on the front of the lock


With the LISTA Access software, you have a particularly easy and user-friendly solution for managing your LISTA CODE, RFID or AUTO Lock. It enables faster learning and management of the lock, users and user groups via USB. Other additional functions are also available such as changing the Lock ID code or creating permissions and time-based access restrictions using clear assignment tables.

  • Lock training and management
  • User management
  • Group classification
  • Time-based access restrictions
  • Assignment table (permissions)
  • Synchronisation of lock and database
System requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
CPU: Intel Atom or similar (recommended Intel i3 or higher)
RAM: 2 GB (recommended 4 GB)
Free hard disk space: 500 MB (recommended 1 GB)

A valid 8-digit access code is required to use the LISTA Access software.

NEW: Security eCard
In addition to our LISTA Access software, a Security eCard is now also available. The Security eCard provides you with a particularly simple and user-friendly solution for data transfer from the LISTA Access software. Users and user groups can be saved to the Security eCard via card reader. The data is automatically transferred to your LISTA eLocks by holding the card against the locks.

More info

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Locking systems English 2020 Brochure 1.56 MB / PDF Print catalogue Download
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