The LISTA Duo worktable is the ideal base for a wide range of applications in assembly and laboratories. With its contemporary yet robust design, it is ideal for the most varied of tasks

The model impresses with its extreme rigidity and versatility thanks to its ability to be flexibly expanded into a complete workstation system with a wide range of accessories and add-on components.


With the LISTA Solo, you get the perfect all-round table for lighter tasks in a wide range of industries and sectors, from electrical engineering to healthcare, assembly, laboratories or offices. 

The model can be expanded into a complete workstation system with accessories and add-on components, making it flexibly adaptable to individual requirements.


With electronic access control systems from LISTA, you can optimise the storage and management of important tools and materials: safely, efficiently and reliably. 

All solutions are modular and can therefore be perfectly tailored to your individual needs. LISTA Electronic Control (LEC) can be configured with a warehouse management system such as LISTA E-Control as an integrated dispensing system with access at the drawer and compartment level. LISTA E-Cabinets include a range of different electric cabinets that can also be connected to goods management and flexibly combined with LEC solutions.


With the Quattro workstation system from LISTA, you can create workstations flexibly with the future in mind. 

The electrically height-adjustable and individually configurable solution ensures the greatest possible ergonomics, enabling efficient work in the workshop, assembly and production. The system grows with your tasks as required: from a simple workbench to a fully equipped workstation, everything is possible, as the LISTA Quattro can be extended in a variety of ways and can therefore also be adapted to new requirements at any time.


Complete your AGV fleet. With the new LISTA Picking, you now receive a high-performance vertical order picker in typical LISTA quality.

LISTA Picking expands our range of automated guided vehicle systems as a sophisticated solution for high-bay warehouses and warehouse lift systems. The system is equipped with up to 8 boxes, can be flexibly combined with the LISTA Lift and is just waiting to be discovered by you.

Automated Guided Vehicle Systems

The automation of intralogistics makes a valuable contribution here to further process optimisation. 

For this reason, LISTA offers a range of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) that are optimally matched to the different applications. LISTA AGV solutions move through all areas on freely programmable routes and transport a wide range of types of transport goods quickly, safely and cost-effectively – whether from warehouse to production, from assembly to shipping, whether individual parts, pallets or boxes.


All LISTA drawer cabinets with a width of 717 mm (36 E) can now be individually equipped with power modules. 

Thanks to the built-in socket in the drawer, mobile devices such as machine batteries, diagnostic devices, smartphones or tablets can be stored safely and charged at the same time. The generous drawer dimensions also allow larger mobile devices to be accommodated. 


Thanks to its high resistance to light and weather, the LISTA e-bike charging station is ideally suited for the central supply of e-bike and pedelec batteries for outdoor use

Each compartment has a power module with two fused sockets. In addition to business and public authorities, schools, universities, airports, restaurants, cafés, hotels and other public buildings can also be equipped with the e-bike charging station for outdoor use.

BATTERY CHARGING CABINETS as clothes lockers and for electric scooters

LISTA clothes lockers with a power connection are perfect for personal storage of batteryoperated devices. 

Suitable for use in industry, trade, offices, schools, universities or public buildings. Batteries can be charged during storage thanks to the built-in sockets and are therefore always ready to use.


Exciting. Different. State-of-the-art.

With EDGE, you make a statement that shows what you stand for. Individual lighting accents give your workspace a modern, dynamic and high-quality look and feel, colour coordinated with your branding and corporate design. EDGE is versatile and expressive, while enthusing and inspiring: an eye-catcher in LED technology, available as a light strip or in point form.


As an alternative to batteries, our electronic locks for drawer cabinets are now also available with mains power supply.

Batteries are a good choice for all devices that have low power consumption. Unfortunately, batteries can drain themselves in the long run and are costly and often time-consuming. From an ecological point of view, batteries also have a huge environmental impact and can cause longterm ecological damage. With our upgrade kit, battery-operated LISTA eLocks can be easily converted to a mains power supply.

Security eCard

In addition to our LISTA Access software, a Security eCard is now also available.

The Security eCard provides you with a particularly simple and user-friendly solution for data transfer from the LISTA Access software. Users and user groups can be saved to the Security eCard via card reader. The data is automatically transferred to your LISTA eLocks by holding the card against the locks.


Anyone working in the medical field will be well aware of the high demands of this sector.

With sector-specific standard equipment and a plethora of additional equipment options, the LISTA ward trolley helps to make hospital processes safer and more efficient. This takes some of the pressure off hospital staff. Various locking solutions and the antibacterial coating enable reliable protection.


The mobile disinfection trolley from LISTA boasts can be set up anywhere as a simple and uncomplicated disinfection island for entrances to any type of building, hall or area.

With its huge versatility and range of combination options, all of the necessary components can be adapted to the application that you require in order to reduce the spread of bacteria within your premises or simply bar it from entering altogether. In addition, our painted surfaces have an antibacterial coating.


At only 1.6 m deep, the LISTA Lift S is the ultimate storage lift: as capable of bearing loads as something bigger, yet as compact and space-saving as a paternoster.

The overall capacity is up to 25,000 kg at 7 m high. It has optimal capacity. The system enables the trays to position things dynamically and flexibly within the lift, so that you can make the most of every centimetre of its storage space.


Flat, horizontally arranged compartments make the LISTA laptop cabinet the ideal storage solution for notebooks and more.

At the same time, they have a particularly space-saving construction, and can be flexibly tailored to your requirements with various energy modules, locking solutions and other options.


LISTA battery charging cabinets with hinged doors are perfect for the centralised supply of batteries and electrical devices.

All cabinets can be configured individually and adapted to your specific storage needs through the flexible use of partition material, cabinet accessories and power supply via power strips.


LISTA compartment cabinets with power connection are perfect for personal storage of battery-operated devices of all kinds.

Suitable for use in industry, trade, offices, schools, universities or pubic buildings. Batteries can be charged during storage thanks to the built-in sockets, and are therefore always ready to use.


The LISTA AUTO Lock opens and locks conveniently and securely at the push of a button or fully automatically.

It offers the same functionality as the LISTA RFID Lock. If increased security is required, the optional LISTA Access software can be used to store time profiles in the lock or for individual users.


ESD stands for electrostatic discharge. ESD can impair or destroy the functioning of electronic, electric or electromechanical components. ESD solutions from LISTA offer optimal protection.

LISTA supplies plant equipment in an ESD-safe version to reliably protect electrical and other ESD-sensitive components and parts in production, storage and assembly from electrostatic discharge. Our ESD solutions comprise a broad spectrum of ESD-safe equipment from ESD workplace to lamps and accessories with ESD protection. The LISTA system enables the configuration of every ESD workplace according to individual requirements and thus ensures complete ESD protection in this way.

LISTA Sideboard

The LISTA Sideboard makes an ideal addition to any office.

The perfect piece for storing both large and small items tidily and stylishly, the LISTA Sideboard offers expanded possibilities for customising your workspace.

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