Are you looking for a quick, simple and decentralised solution for safely stocking your stored goods? Then LISTA E-Cabinets are the right choice for you. The versatile LISTA electrical cabinets are available in different versions as drawer, compartment or hinged door cabinets with standard interface for connection to LISTA E-Control or your own warehouse management system. As always at LISTA, our E-Cabinets can also be flexibly configured and adapted to your individual requirements. Just right for optimal access control at cabinet level.


Comprehensive range

• consisting of drawer cabinet, hinged door cabinet, indoor and outdoor compartment cabinet

Easy to connect

• to LISTA E-Control or third-party software

Individually configurable

• in terms of version, equipment and design

Consistent look and feel

• thanks to uniform appearance

Decentralised installation and operation

• via tablet, laptop or PC

Individual options

Decentralised installation

LISTA E-Cabinets can be operated independently and flexibly at any point in the company. They are easily accessed via tablet, laptop or PC. A mechanical emergency opening feature is integrated.

Control via third-party software

Alternatively, you can also operate your E-Cabinets with third-party software (SAP, Dynamics, etc.) via the integrated ethernet interface and configure individual settings.

Connection to E-Control

The standard Ethernet interface allows you to connect all E-Cabinets to LISTA E-Control or integrate them into your access and warehouse management system.


Make the most of the advantages of electronic access and output systems – with LISTA Electronic Control and the LISTA E-Cabinets. You can find more information on the Internet, in the LISTA app and, of course, in a personal conversation with our LEC Support Team.

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