Lots of storage in a small space: LISTA top-mounted cabinets provide additional storage area when space is at a premium.

The stored items are in plain sight and easy to reach because they are positioned at viewing height. LISTA top-mounted cabinets are perfectly coordinated with our drawer cabinets and made from high-quality steel. In short: the perfect add-on for fast access to tools and equipment supporting continuous improvement processes such as Kaizen and 5S.


Extra storage area

  • when space is at a premium

Perfectly organised

  • with viewing windows made from UV-resistant, shatterproof acrylic glass

Extremely user-friendly

  • since the items stored are within easy reach

Secure locking option

  • with a choice of hinged doors or space-saving sliding doors

Can be adapted to new storage items at any time

  • because adjustable shelves can be flexibly added or converted in 25 mm increments


The choice is yours

The huge strengths of the LISTA system include the countless versions and optional features for the individual modules. Whether it’s a drawer cabinet, workbench, cabinet or shelving system, all of the solutions can be individually configured and thus flexibly adapted to a wide range of requirements. You get LISTA modules in different dimensions, designs and colours, with variable internal partitioning and a wide range of super- and substructures, locking solutions and partition material. Together we can find the solution that works for you.

More info

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LISTA Catalogue English 2021 Main catalogue 123.01 MB / PDF Print catalogue Download
Drawer cabinets English 2021 Chapter extract LISTA Catalogue 18.01 MB / PDF Print catalogue Download
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