LISTA environmental and oil cabinets are suitable for the safe and standard storage of water-hazardous substances in water hazard class (WGK) 1 to 3.

Liquids that are required in the daily work flow are stored safely in LISTA oil cabinets. Canister shelves hold the liquid canisters. Drops of liquid are collected in the drip tray.


The utmost stability

  • with housing load capacity of up to 500 kg

High load capacities

  • drip trays with a load capacity of up to 100 kg and canister shelves up to 200 kg

Can be adapted to new storage items at any time

  • by inserting or converting drip trays and canister shelves in 25-mm increments as required

Individual equipment options

  • with drip trays, canister shelves, base trays, canisters and drawers

Safe and orderly storage

  • with drip trays welded to form a liquid-tight seal according to Section 19 of the Water Resources Act/German directive on steel trays (StawaR).

Secure locking option

  • with solid-sheet doors (flush-fitting, folded from one piece) and selectable locking systems


The choice is yours

The huge strengths of the LISTA system include the countless versions and optional features for the individual modules. Whether it’s a drawer cabinet, workbench, cabinet or shelving system, all of the solutions can be individually configured and thus flexibly adapted to a wide range of requirements. You get LISTA modules in different dimensions, designs and colours, with variable internal partitioning and a wide range of super- and substructures, locking solutions and partition material. Together we can find the solution that works for you.

More info

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