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Universal superstructures

With the modular LISTA superstructure system, entire working environments can be planned, assembled and perfectly coordinated in every detail. On the basis of support pillars perforated on four sides, the System offers you a wide range of add-on elements such as Container strips, adjustable shelves, etc. It is also very easy to integrate power supply and lighting so that you always have an ergonomic and scaleable solution that is suited to the requirements of the individual workstation and which makes workflows in the workshop and production department even more efficient.

Utmost stability

load capacities up to 150 kg

Easy assembly

on workbench tops, workbench substructures and individual workstations with support pillars perforated on four sides so that add-on elements can be attached largely without the use of screws

Fully modular

through standardised dimensions for all LISTA workbench and workstation systems, customisable configuration options in terms of height and freely positionable superstructure widths

Tremendous design diversity

through a wide range of add-on elements including power supply and lighting