Content - Heavy-duty pull-out shelving systems

Heavy-duty pull-out shelving systems

Heavy-duty pull-out shelving systems are ideal for the safe and convenient storage of heavy items such as injection moulds, punching tools, electric motors and pallet goods. Since they can be loaded using lifting gear, they can be installed in a compact arrangement. Load capacities of up to 9000 kg per unit and the availability of different shelving heights, shelf depths and unit widths and the wide selection of equipment options mean that they can be adapted to perfectly suit any type of storage item.

Utmost stability

through robust, solid design with a very high load capacity of up to 9 t per shelving unit

Optimum use of space

with shelving heights of up to 2.50 m for perfectly organised storage of very heavy inventory items

High load capacities

up to 200 kg per top shelf, up to 1000 kg per fixed and pull-out frame

Secure locking

with a choice of space-saving sliding doors or smooth-running roller shutters in combination with side and rear panels

Can be adapted to new storage items at any time

through the flexible integration and rearrangement of fixed and pull-out frames in increments of 100 mm

Extremely smooth running

through smooth-running pull-outs with stops in closed and fully extendable positions

Optimum order and organisation

pallets can be stored lengthwise or crosswise in fixed and pull-out frames

Safe and orderly storage

flush storage achieved by placing sheet metal covers on top or inserting chipboard inserts


Weld sheet steel construction

Solid profiles from in-plant productionare the basic components of the side frame, which holds loads of up to 9000 kg.

Sliding door or roller shutter front assembly

Sliding doors or roller shutters canbe assembled on the front as reliable protection from access and dust onrequest. Both door variations are perfectfor confined spaces and come with acylinder lock unless otherwise specified.    

Pallet storage

To enable optimum utilisation of space, a pallet slot with a load-bearing capacity of up to 1000 kg can be created with the fixed frame.

Column guard

The column guard ensures compliance with relevant safety regulations.

Heavy-duty pull-out shelves to 1000 kg

The smooth-running pull-out shelves enable perfect utilisation of space.The heavy-duty pull-out shelves are suitable for storing large, heavy separate components and units.

Lilo locking

When the yellow pull-out shelf locking is activated, it is possible to fix the full pull-outshelf in either an open or closed position by using an external lever.