At only 1.6 m deep, the LISTA Lift S is the ultimate storage lift: as capable of bearing loads as something bigger, yet as compact and space-saving as a paternoster.

The overall capacity is up to 25,000 kg at 7 m high. It has optimal capacity. The system enables the trays to position things dynamically and flexibly within the lift, so that you can make the most of every centimetre of its storage space. The LISTA Lift S is similarly efficient when it comes to maintenance and energy consumption. At less than 1.2 kW/h, the system represents an impressively cost-effective solution. It also requires minimal care and maintenance: the drive system does not need to be lubricated and is very easy to install and adjust thanks to the self-centring pulleys. The extensive range of accessories allows safe and reliable storage of all sorts of materials and products. What this means: The LISTA Slim Lift gives you maximum efficiency and flexibility, even with a very limited footprint.


Reduced footprint, optimum storage density

  • from just 2.9 m2 space requirement and 1.6 m depth
  • load capacity of up to 25,000 kg
  • dynamic positioning of the trays allows maximum utilisation of space

Great time savings and ergonomics

  • optimised picking times
  • quick access
  • short transport distances, optimised processes
  • material comes to the employee, so minimal physical stress

Reduced error frequency, improved stock control

  • automatic system, records picking activities
  • easy to operate
  • guided, controlled access to individual trays

Maximum flexibility

  • wide range of accessories: partition plates, partition panels, scanners, put-to-light, etc.
  • suitable for three-phase voltage or 230 V

Minimal maintenance, low power consumption

  • lubrication-free drive belt system
  • power requirement less than 1.2 kW/h

Efficient management and top service

  • software-based control with the LISTA Warehouse Management System
  • compatible with all conventional ERP systems
  • individual planning and adaptation
  • training and maintenance concepts
  • 24 h service guarantee

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