Product overview Electronic Access Control Systems

LISTA solutions for dispensing and access control

At LISTA, we want you to be able to make optimum use of the advantages of electronic access and dispensing systems. That's why we have designed our range to be modular so that you can flexibly put together the solution that suits you: the two product lines LISTA Electronic Control and LISTA E-Cabinets can be individually configured and combined in a variety of ways,

operated as a stand-alone solution with LISTA E-Control or connected to your own software solutions via the standard interface. This means that everything is possible – from an individual electric cabinet to fully automated parts management – in a modern and consistent look and feel.


LEC Drawer Cabinet

The LEC cabinets enable secure access control and warehouse management at the drawer and compartment level with LISTA E-Control software. Alternatively, it is possible to connect to your own software solutions.


The LISTA E-Multicabinet with variable compartment division and central service compartment is suitable for everything you want to store safely in your company with electronic access control.

  • E-Drawer Cabinets are electronically controlled as a whole, enabling reliable access control at the cabinet level.
  • The LISTA E hinged door cabinet is suitable for larger stored goods and can optionally be equipped with viewing windows.
  • Powered compartment cabinets from LISTA are ideal for battery-powered tools and personal storage.
  • The LISTA e-bike charging station is a special solution for the safe storage and charging of e-bike batteries.


LISTA E-Control provides you with a tailor-made warehouse management system for direct control of your LISTA products. The software which was specially developed for LISTA LEC and E-Cabinets enables the central distribution and organisation of all access rights and maps all handling, storage and retrieval processes seamlessly. E-Control therefore ensures optimum order and full traceability of the removed articles and materials. The system also offers extensive import and export functions for processing and evaluating the collected data – and despite its comprehensive functionality, it is easy and intuitive, just as you have come to expect from LISTA.

Full functionality
  • visual indication of storage position
  • individual access control down to specialist level
  • enter and edit product data yourself
Numerous settings
  • import or export configuration data
  • manage cabinets
  • email notifications
  • designing/defining labels


Make the most of the advantages of electronic access and output systems – with LISTA Electronic Control and the LISTA E-Cabinets. For more information, please speak to our LEC Support Team in person.

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