With LISTA Script, your LISTA products can be simply and clearly labelled.

The labelling software can be downloaded after registering via the form below. The matching labels are supplied as perforated A4 sheets suitable for any commercially available printer. There are almost no limits to the ways you can design labels.


Individual labelling

  • with a wide range of labelling options, colours, pictograms and barcode generator

Safe software download

  • after registering via the form below

Easy to use

  • with any commercially available printer and pre-perforated labels

Fast data import

  • via database link


After successful registration you will reach the page with the download link.

More info

Downloads Language Version Description File
LISTA Catalogue English 2021 Main catalogue 123.01 MB / PDF Print catalogue Download
Accessories English 2021 Chapter extract LISTA Catalogue 25.09 MB / PDF Print catalogue Download
LISTA Script English 2020 User’s guide 2.52 MB / PDF Print catalogue Download
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