Perforated panels/keyhole hooks

Glossary - General information

Perforated panels are used in numerous sectors as a practical solution for storing all kinds of items. In the workshop, for example, they are suitable for space-saving storage of all kinds of tools and equipment. The advantage of perforated panels is that they allow easy and ergonomic access; tools and materials can be attached with keyhole hooks. Hooks can be individually arranged on the perforated panel for quick and easy access to tools at the workstation. A perforated panel system is also ideal for use in shops for product presentation. In addition to keyhole hooks, rails, shelves and other accessories can be attached for neat and tidy storage.

The LISTA perforated panel system offers numerous equipment options for factories, workshops and production. It includes perforated panels for workshop trolleys, assembly trolleys, shelving rear panels, vertical pull-out cabinets, etc., and can be individually equipped with a wide range of keyhole hooks such as tool holders, cable holders, inclined hooks, tool clamps, etc.

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