Workspace Equipment

Glossary - General information

Workspace equipment consists of professional furnishing systems, in particular for industry, trade and healthcare sectors. Classic workspace equipment mainly includes steel furniture such as drawer cabinets, workbenches or workshop trolleys. This also includes different types of cabinet and shelving options. The hinged door cabinet and universal cabinet are standard. Further cabinet systems for workspace equipment include:

- Sliding door cabinet
- Overhead cabinet
- Roller shutter cabinet
- Vertical pull-out cabinet
- Heavy-duty cabinet
- Clothes locker
- Compartment cabinet
- Battery charging cabinet
- Environmental and oil cabinet
- Container and large-capacity cabinet
- Fire brigade cabinet
- Office cabinet

Shelving systems in workspace equipment also include, in addition to universal shelving:

- Drawer storage wall
- Heavy-duty pull-out shelving system
- Sliding shelf unit
- Storage and sloping shelving system
- Wide span shelving system
- Pallet shelving system
- Cantilever shelving system
- Mobile shelf unit

The workstation system, which can be expanded by linking to a working or production line, is often part of production, dispatch and laboratory space equipment.

The workspace equipment can be individually configured and equipped depending on the type, size and space available. The majority of components are available in different dimensions. A wide range of accessories includes partition material or casters, etc., for configuring drawer cabinets and other equipment. In training centres, a hexagonal group workbench is often used instead of a conventional workbench. ESD workspace equipment is available for electrical installation companies. Special solutions are available for car repair shops such as cabinets for supplying power, compressed air, oil, water and other liquids.

System providers such as LISTA supply all components from one source, so that workspace equipment can be tailored to specific processes for efficient working. The use of high-strength steel and robust construction of the furniture make LISTA workspace equipment extremely sturdy and durable.

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