Storage lift

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A storage lift or industrial lift is an automatic storage system which, unlike conventional shelving, is a vertical construction. The storage lift is ideal for space-saving and efficient storage of parts, tools and other items. As a vertical storage solution, the storage lift takes up to 90% less space compared to high-bay racking. Since the system also delivers stored items automatically, this reduces the work and time required for removal and picking. In this way, a storage lift improves ergonomics and safety at work.

Storage lift systems are controlled and operated via appropriate software for optimal inventory control. As a closed storage system, it also reliably protects stored goods from dust and dirt. The advantages of the storage lift have made it an integral part of modern warehousing and intralogistics. A storage lift can be used for diverse purposes such as tool storage, spare parts storage or distribution storage. Storage lift systems today are therefore used in diverse branches and sectors. The LISTA Lift is one of the most versatile and individually configurable models on the market: it is variable in height, width and load capacity and as the only storage lift system is also available in a heavy-duty version in widths above 3000 mm.

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