Universal shelving

Glossary - General information

The metal drawer storage wall is suitable for use in numerous sectors. Whether in industry or health service, workshop or chemist: a steel drawer storage wall is a sturdy and versatile solution for easily accessible storage. Due to its robust design, the LISTA drawer storage wall has a very high load capacity of up to 5.5 t per shelving unit. Together with shelf heights of 8.50 m, the LISTA drawer storage wall has a high storage capacity with minimum space requirement.

Equipment can be flexibly and individually arranged. In addition to classic LISTA fully extendible drawers, shelving components such as pull-out shelves, vertical pull-out shelves or heavy-duty pull-out shelves are available. The system is available in two installation depths, whereby the lower installation depth is also suitable for installations in containers and trucks, e.g. as a mobile workshop

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