MAN goes in for lean packing

Ergonomic, efficient and forestalling errors: At the commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN in Steyr, Austria, two LISTA packing lines are busy helping to optimise packing and dispatch according to lean criteria.

A total of eleven electrically adjustable individual workstations and two team lines were combined into a sustainable single solution for MAN. In order to design the workflow to run as smoothly as possible and to minimise fatigue, the modules were linked and tailored to the customer's needs.

They were linked by means of a roller track at working height with a second track underneath it for the return flow. In addition, the lower track slopes downwards. This reduces waiting times and delivers better ergonomics. Other lean requirements such as greater automation and a standardised workflow were implemented by integrating a weighing scale, take-up system and filling material dispenser into the packing line.

"For our staff, this means that the new line provides the best possible help and relief," is the word at MAN. Pivoted elements, folding information boards and even bottle holders make their work easier, help to avoid errors and increase productivity. A real boon.

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