Lean in line

KABA is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of access and locking systems. Just recently, an assembly line there consisting of six motor-adjustable LISTA individual workplaces has been ensuring smooth processing according to the principles of lean production.

It is designed to be ergonomic, visually appealing and last but not least, intelligently organised in such a way that wrong moves are no longer possible: the new production line used for lock assembly at KABA in Herzogenburg, Austria is setting new standards for slimline, error-avoidant production. Six fully-integrated LISTA workplace systems with custom table construction, customer-specific power strips and electrical height adjustment make a significant contribution to this process. The lean demands of the customer were fulfilled with the help of various equipment features, including:

  • three resilient swivel arms per workstation for optimal distance from the material containers
  • adjustable shelves fitted on both sides according to the first-in-first-out principle
  • automatic work task feed-in and removal using rollers
  • fatigue-proof lighting and
  • the sensor-controlled collision protection on all workstations

The staff love it and the customer is happy, since work on the new production line is designed to be comfortable, efficient and error-free, exactly as requested.

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