Content - Workshop and storage equipment: drawer cabinets, workbenches, shelf systems, clothes lockers, working stations, transport systems, heavy-duty shelves, partition material

Drawer cabinets

LISTA sheet steel drawer cabinets offer made-to-measure top quality for professional use.

Shelf storage walls

Shelf storage walls are suitable for every industry as well as for every workplace and ensure optimum use of space and smooth handling.

Clothes lockers

LISTA clothes lockers are the ideal solution for the storage of clothing in many fields including industry and trade and the service, sports and leisure sectors.

Drawer storage wall

The drawer wall combines all the benefits of a drawer cabinet with those of shelving units. Drawers, pull-out and adjustable shelves can be combined flexibly to create a multitude of different installations.

Shelving systems

The system meets every requirement – from a "simple" unit with shelves up to a completely equipped storage facility with supplements.

Partition material

The partition material offers flexible drawer partition options for almost every inventory type.


Thanks to the wide range of combination options, every workstation can be practically equipped with workbenches in a space-saving way.

Heavy-duty pull-out shelving systems

Heavy-duty pull-out shelving systems are compact and optimally adapted to the inventory. Perfect for storing heavy items and loading with lifting gear.

The LISTA Draw Configurator

The LISTA Draw Configurator simplifies spatial planning and provides a visual outline of the full LISTA product range. In this way, you can make many more adaptations in an instant according to your requirement, product, colour, locking system or load capacity.