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Safe handling of electronic components

ESD stands for electrostatic discharge, which occurs when two objects at different potentials come into direct contact with each other. In modern workplaces, an electrostatic charge can give rise to high voltages depending on the humidity level.

1 Workstations

The perfect ESD workstation is ergonomically adaptable and ESD protected. Electrostatic charges are dissipated in a controlled manner via the working surface and grounding cable so that the workstation stays charge-neutral.

2 Personnel grounding

People are a primary source of electrostatic charges. Wrist strap with grounding cable and shoes are therefore recommended for people working in an electronics manufacturing environment. Desk chairs or stand-up seats should also have ESD protection.

3 Storage

Electronic components are best stored in closed ESD drawers or hinged door cabinets as well as ESD shelving (Faraday cage) with appropriate ESD containers.


4 Markings

ESD-protected areas must be marked. Signs or additional labels should be used to warn of ESD-sensitive components.