At LISTA we pursue the aim of meeting the challenges of the market with impressively high-quality, innovative and customer-oriented solutions. Our suppliers are part of this strategy, as we work with them to shape the quality and sustainability of our products. Comprehensive supplier management is therefore a factor in our success, one that we take very seriously. The associated processes range from selection, qualification and integration to assessment and classification through to the development of our suppliers.

LISTA strives for long-term partnerships that ensure high quality and consistency in the procurement process.


LISTA’s procurement organisation is geared towards a huge variety of products and the highly international nature of the procurement market. This includes purchasing raw materials, semi-finished goods and finished products for our various production plants. Their way of working is defined by the high demands that we place on the delivery quality of our partners and our own functionality and efficiency, which is also evident in our structure.



Together with our suppliers, we are responsible for ensuring that our products meet the diverse demands and high expectations of our customers. Selection and collaboration are therefore based on criteria that focus on performance and quality. As an innovative group of companies, we are also committed to the responsible use of resources as well as the health and safety of our employees.

We maintain longstanding relationships with selected best-in-class partners and look specifically for innovative and competitive suppliers who can best meet requirements for quality, price, delivery reliability and flexibility in different sectors and markets.

In addition to evaluation and ongoing improvement, other elements of our procurement strategy include the involvement of our partners in the development process and integration into our day-to-day production flow in order to successfully attain our common goals.



We strive to avoid errors and achieve continuous improvement throughout the entire delivery chain in terms of a zero-error strategy.

Cost leadership

We are committed to constant price optimisation through economies of scale, association and experience, along with optimal product and process design.

Time to market

We use simultaneous engineering and actively involve our suppliers right at the development stage, so that we can get our products to market readiness even faster.

Global sourcing

We are expanding our network of suppliers nationally and internationally in places with the best manufacturing and procurement opportunities.


We are committed to preserving the environment and resources, and to doing so within the framework of the applicable statutory provisions, meeting social and ecological criteria.


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