Glossary - General information

RFID is the abbreviation for radio-frequency identification. In practical application, the term refers to a technology for transmitter-receiver systems for automatic and contactless identification of objects using electromagnetic waves.

An RFID system consists of a transponder or so-called RFID chip, which is located on or in the object, as well as a reader for reading and writing the chip if required. Via interfaces in the reader, the RFID technology can also be integrated with software applications such as inventory management, access control, etc.

The development of RFID has been ongoing since the 1960s and since then the technology has opened up numerous fields of application. The main fields of application are logistics, intralogistics, materials management and industrial automation. Frequent applications are mainly article surveillance systems, toll systems, access controls and electronic locks, such as the RFID lock as used by LISTA. In this way, any LISTA drawer cabinet or workshop trolley, for example, can be opened and closed automatically, contactless and easily with an RFID badge or card.

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