Military Equipment

Glossary - General information

The term military equipment includes all moving parts and objects an army needs to fulfil its tasks. The furnishing of military facilities is part of military equipment and includes different applications such as canteen equipment, workshop equipment or container solutions. High demands are placed on the equipment of military facilities. In mobile use in particular, workshop and storage equipment is exposed to extreme conditions and must therefore offer high stability and security. For container solutions, maximum utilisation of the container space is also important. A system solution is therefore ideal for mobile workstations.

System solutions such as the LISTA system have the advantage of being modular and flexibly configurable. This allows functional, comprehensive and appropriate storage and workspace equipment, even in a confined space. LISTA container solutions also reliably fulfil further military use criteria such as security, robustness and durability due to their high strength and stability as well as specific protection and locking solutions.

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