Locking Systems

Glossary - General information

A locking system reliably protects stored goods against unauthorised access. Different locking systems are available to suit specific requirements. A cylinder lock with key is a standard solution for simple and low-cost storage of frequently used items. Alternatively, a locking system with numerical code is also available. This lock can be used with different number combinations for several users and offers the advantage that no key can be lost.

The RFID lock is a new technology. This lock functions using radio frequency identification based on electromagnetic waves and operates contactless using a card or badge. RFID can also be used for fully automatic locking. The Code or RFID electronic locking systems are software-controlled so that locking and access can take place easily at any time. Electronic locking systems therefore offer excellent protection against theft or material loss. With workspace equipment from LISTA, different locking systems can be combined to an individual locking solution and conveniently managed via LISTA Access software.

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