The technology you've been waiting for

Fast. Simple. Secure. The new RFID locker lock from LISTA is the ultimate locking solution for personal storage at companies and institutions. Thanks to its RFID technology, the lock offers impressive versatility and modularity:

+ Mobile access
via RFID badge, card or code

+ Easy to use
on the lock itself

+ Convenient control and management
via LISTA Access Software

+ Freely selectable number of locks and users
that can be expanded at any time

+ Optional retrofitting
for existing cabinets

+ Optional integration
into existing systems

There are all sorts of benefits for your company. The key plus points are:

+ Process optimisation
quick and easy access

+ Complete access control and security
thanks to central control and tracking for the last 50 activities

+ Time and cost savings
digital, keyless and easily controllable system

+ Maximum flexibility
can be expanded at any time and allows full integration

You can learn more about the LISTA locking system with RFID in our YouTube clip: Play video

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