Doors shut automatically: LISTA at the VBZ tram depot

The Irchel tram depot is the Zurich Transport Corporation’s central hub for tram operations, inspections and services. In many areas of its work, every minute counts. So it was only natural that the VBZ would rely on LISTA’s new locker system design for storing personal effects and tools, featuring time-saving AUTO and RFID locking.

This challenging project addressed a number of complex requirements. Besides more personal storage space for 20 employees, there was also a particular need for more secure tool trays, in some cases for mobile use. Other tasks included the electrification of the material trays and, last but not least, a locking system that would work with the customer’s existing badge cards.

This didn’t present any problem for LISTA: the solution includes top-mounted cabinets, drawer cabinets, some of them movable, and various workbench components. The electrical connections are provided via power channels behind the top-mounted cabinets. The cabinets are locked quickly, securely and reliably with AUTO and RFID locking. The existing badges were used, so no new accessories had to be purchased.

And the LISTA team also tackled the final challenge – fitting the equipment in a space with an exhaust air opening at the back – with great success.

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