Is there anyone who can say no?

Nutella, hanuta, Mon Chéri: Who isn't familiar with the delicious sweet treats from Ferrero? To make sure that everything runs smoothly in future at the French headquarters of the famous chocolatier, LISTA France was given permission to furnish the company's own maintenance centre in Barentin.

The requirements for this project were as clear as they were demanding: Furnishing was required for a workshop in which production machines are maintained – machines which are used in the food industry, and therefore subject to special requirements and strict rules concerning hygiene.

In order to meet the customer's expectations as best as possible, LISTA France suggested a modular furnishing solution above and beyond the usual industry standards in many of its details. As such, the concept includes a wide range of specially equipped work stations, some of which feature stainless steel work surfaces, supplemented with matching hinged door cupboards and painted in Ferrero's classic red colour.

The confectioners were quickly won over by what we were able to offer, with a collection of gleaming workshops in the Seine-Maritime department as the result. Bon appétit!

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