High performance at supersonic speed

In the end, everything had to happen very quickly. After the opening of the new super airport in the Persian Gulf had already been postponed four times, the final deadline was eventually definitively set. The inaugural flight was to take place on 30 April 2014 in Doha. This much was certain when LISTA received the bid acceptance in November 2013 to equip several units in the new maintenance building of the prestigious project with a wide range of workshop and storage equipment, including the tool storage equipment, the upholsterer's workshop and numerous aeronautical workshops.

LISTA was challenged with mastering the fast approval of all project plans, the production of a large amount of equipment and, not least, the express shipping to Qatar. In addition, the safe and flawless assembly of all delivered systems by the staff on site had to be coordinated – at many distributed locations, in agreement with countless other companies who were working on orders on site at the same time. And all of this under enormous time pressure.

Despite all of these difficulties, we completed our tasks on time and to contractor's fullest satisfaction. The inaugural flight in Doha took off on the scheduled date. The 600,000 square-metre luxury terminal of Qatar Airways is off to a promising start. And the customer stated with satisfaction that „The customer has chosen LISTA based on their excellent track record with projects of similar size in Germany and its high level of confidence that only LISTA will be able to produce, deliver and install products at the highest level of quality despite the massive time pressure". We think that's all that needs to be said."

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