Department of Pathology in Graz: crucial test for LISTA

Will it be possible for us to archive huge quantities of pathological specimens, blocks and sections in a confined space? The enquiry LISTA Austria received from the Department of Pathology in Graz was very demanding. The project required a reliable solution for:

  • high capacities
  • strict standardised procedures
  • legally secure access
  • dust-protected storage

It soon became clear to the customer that only the LISTA drawer storage wall would do. The concept impressed: today, 38 shelving units with a total of 1,200 drawers are used in the Department of Pathology in Graz. The shelving units have a special height of 3.65 m and a special depth of 630 mm to provide sufficient space for all the specimens. A fantastic achievement for which LISTA Austria certainly deserved to receive the PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR Award 2017.

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