ATR rearranges on the fly

LISTA France had only just finished reequipping the workshop premises of the aircraft company ATR at its headquarters in Toulouse when the customer came to us with a new request. Their wish: A fast, practical dispenser system for cable conduits which can be inserted seamlessly into the other workshop furniture.

The right solution is as simple as it is impressive: We modified a drawer cabinet in such a way that it can accommodate six large reels of conduit. The reels are fitted onto six individual shafts in a top-loading drawer. This enables each reel to be individually replaced with a minimum of effort. The conduits protrude through special openings at the front of the drawer. The right material can therefore be identified at a glance and pulled out effortlessly.

ATR is thrilled – both the successful solution to the problem and the speed with which it was implemented were well received. We say: Avec plaisir!

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