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New Products

The LISTA Sideboard

The LISTA Sideboard makes an ideal addition to any office. The perfect piece for storing both large and small items tidily and stylishly, the LISTA Sideboard offers expanded possibilities for customising your workspace.

Compact III - LISTA Sideboard


Safe handling of electronic components

ESD stands for electrostatic discharge, which occurs when two objects at different potentials come into direct contact with each other. In modern workplaces, an electrostatic charge can give rise to high voltages depending on the humidity Level.

LISTA ESD Solutions

Film ESD Solutions



Battery charging cabinet with hinged doors

Battery charging cabinet with hinged doors

LISTA battery charging cabinets with hinged doors are perfect
for the centralised supply of batteries and electrical devices
. All
cabinets can be configured individually and adapted to your specific storage
needs through the flexible use of partition materials, cabinet accessories
and power supply by means of power strips.

To the configurator

Brochure LISTA battery charging cabinet with hinged doors

Compartment cabinet with power connection

Compartment cabinet with power connection

LISTA compartment cabinets with power connection are perfect for personal
storage of battery-operated devices of all kinds.
Suitable for use in
industry, trade, offices, schools, universities or pubic buildings. Batteries can be
charged during storage thanks to the built-in double sockets, and are therefore
always ready to use.

To the configurator

Brochure LISTA compartment cabinet with power connection

Electronic locking system

RFID Lock / CODE Lock / AUTO Lock

The latest generation of LISTA locking systems combines easy operation/access with
maximum flexibility.
As such, our RFID-operated electronic locking systems are now even
more variable and easier to use. The different systems can be freely combined to create a
locking system that perfectly suits you and your requirements. We are happy to advise you.

LISTA locking system

Film LISTA locking system