• 15. Apr. 2015


LISTA creates order at Électricité de France

At the La Verpillière site, an empty shipping container serves as a storage facility for important maintenance tools belonging to Électricité de France (EdF), the second-largest energy company in the world. The solution fulfils the requirement for mobility, but it is not tidy - and therefore has been classified as in need of improvement by the company management. Finally, the employees waste a lot of time due to the complicated process of locating and removing tools, not to mention the lack of storage security.

It quickly became clear to the experts brought from LISTA France that here only a modular drawer cabinet system could ensure the necessary organisation. A corresponding planning proposal was accepted and implemented immediately. The result can no longer be compared with the original picture: where before chaos ruled, everything is now neatly in its place. Accessible, labelled and precise.

When asked about the reasons for commissioning LISTA, EdF responds: market position, experience, the integrated system, excellent references and not least the competent service. Et voilà, what more is there to say? Congratulations to our French colleagues for this successful project.