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Team workstations

LISTA team workstations make an important contribution to workflow management. The flexible team workstation system allows material to flow between the individual workstations or for a continuous-flow production system from the first component right through to packaging. The modular system combined with basic and add-on units enable many assembly lines to be created, and these can be modified and expanded again at any time with no great effort.

Locking systems

Easy to use and highly ergonomic

through attachable and inclinable worktop supports with additional height-adjustable table supports for ergonomically correct working heights and our modular superstructure System

Easy assembly

through support pillar profiles perforated on four sides so that worktops, connection components and superstructures can be attached at height increments of 50 mm largely without the use of Tools

Optimum material flow

with linking elements such as support rollers, roller bars and route-changing add-ons for customising the linkage, even on more than one level

Easily adaptable to new working environments

through flexible integration and reconfiguration of the modular system

Maximum flexibility

thanks to basic and add-on frames in two heights and three widths, double-sided, for standing in a row


Group workstations

This budget-friendly and efficient construction kit is based on the base and add-on table, which can be equipped on one side or on both sides.

Assembly lines

This configuration option optimises assembly lines. Corner joints, junctions and stoppers enable easy and efficient assembly planning.

Workstation linking

Adapted to many different types of cargo, even with several levels on top of one another, this configuration option can solve virtually any transport problem.