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Dynamic systems - storage systems with the LISTA Lift

Streamlined storage technology is cost-effective - especially in an economically challenging environment. The LISTA storage systems are quick, safe and save space. They optimise the use of space, give more efficient access to inventory items and thanks to their speed and flexibility, they can improve the efficiency of production or logistics processes. Its modular design and flexible software solutions enable the LISTA Lift to be easily integrated into any company. Benefit from our extensive expertise as an all-in-one system supplier with decades of experience in dynamic systems and a widely established customer base.
NEW with an added load of 990kg!


Save space

Inventory item recognition

An electronic measurement system automatically measures the height of the inventory items and optimises the distances between stored items.

Support brackets in slots 25 mm apart

Thanks to the special support brackets in closely packed 25 mm slots, the most diverse items can be stored extremely compactly and economically.

LISTA partition materials

Between the flexible LISTA partition materials and the different tray sizes, just about any inventory item can be stored in an organised and tidy manner.

Save time

Optimised picking times

Applying the principle "take the materials to the (wo)man" the required inventory is delivered directly and rapidly to the operator, which reduces access times and transport distances to a minimum.

Positional Display

The display of the position in the access hatch shows the operator where the inventory has been placed.

Quick and ergonomic delivery

Two-tier access hatches, which can be inset or external, are available and offer a very fast picking rate which reduces waiting times.

Controlled external access hatch

By using several access hatches picking performance can be improved, while maintaining high levels of workstation ergonomics and safety at work.

Adjustable operating console

The adjustable console offers optimum ergonomics and functionality even with a heavy picking schedule.

Save money

Efficient motors and quiet running

The powerful and efficient motors guarantee low energy consumption across the entire range of models - even for the heavy duty models.

Energy saving LED lighting

An important benefit of the LED illumination is the low level of heat it generates, combined with its long useful lifetime.

Simple maintenance

All electronic components are located in an easily accessible control drawer below the access hatch.