Content - Top-mounted cabinets for drawer cabinets

Top-mounted cabinets for drawer cabinets

Lots of storage in a small space: LISTA top-mounted cabinets provide additional storage area when space is at a premium. The stored items are in plain sight and easy to reach because they are positioned at viewing height. LISTA top-mounted cabinets are perfectly coordinated with our drawer cabinets and made from high-quality steel. In short: the perfect add-on for fast access to tools and equipment supporting continuous improvement processes such as Kaizen and 5S.

Everything in sight through viewing windows made from UV-resistant

shatterproof acrylic glass

Can be adapted to new storage items at any time
because adjustable shelves can be flexibly added or

converted in 25 mm increments

Extremely user-friendly

since the items stored are within easy reach

Securely lockable

with a choice of hinged doors or space-saving sliding doors

Extra storage area

when space is at a premium