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What exactly is workspace equipment?
Workspace equipment is furniture or furnishing systems intended mainly for trade and industry. Classic workspace equipment includes steel furniture such as drawer cabinets, workbenches or workshop trolleys. This also includes different types of cabinets and shelving options. The most important here are hinged door cabinets and universal shelving systems. Heavy-duty shelving systems are also important for workshops and production.


For which applications is workspace equipment suitable?
Storage and workspace equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications. They fulfil various tasks and functions as worktables, workstations, storage for tools, work material, etc. There are special versions for heavy-duty, mobile use or special stored goods (e.g. environmental cabinets). This enables the workspace equipment to be flexibly adapted to suit the requirements of various sectors and industries. Applications range from car repair shops, production, offices and laboratories to container solutions.


What is the quickest way to obtain suitable workspace equipment?
If you are planning to use, renew or extend workspace equipment, contact us. We will be happy to advise you and provide a tailored solution. Whether warehouse, workshop, assembly line, production, staff room or office: we offer comprehensive support and expertise from planning through to customer support. We can jointly analyse your individual requirements, visualise your new workspace equipment and deal with the installation and implementation. Analysis, planning, assembly and service from a single source: this is the quickest way to a solution that suits your individual requirements.


What will it cost to equip my company with LISTA products?
With LISTA, you have chosen high-quality workspace equipment: robust, high-quality and durable. Much can be achieved in your company with little. Costs vary from customer to customer, depending on the scope and requirements. Our sales team will be happy to advise and support you in the selection, configuration and arrangement of your workspace equipment.


What are the advantages of LISTA products?
LISTA workspace equipment is a system solution where individual furniture and elements are perfectly matched. From drawer cabinets to workbenches, all LISTA products match perfectly. Down to the last detail: in this way, drawers from drawer cabinets can also be installed in drawer storage walls. Or, partition material can be used for any application and in any arrangement. In addition to diversity and flexibility, storage and workspace equipment from LISTA is of the highest quality: with a 10-year guarantee, your investment is safe. Added to this are an extensive range of services such as planning and support from initial contact to assembly of the products at your company.


Which LISTA products come into question for my workspace equipment?
The exact choice of suitable products for your workspace equipment depends on your company. LISTA offers over 100,000 articles: from classic drawer cabinets to shelving systems, cabinets and workstation systems, workbenches, workshop trolleys and matching accessories. Workspace equipment can be individually configured and equipped depending on the type, size and space available. The majority of furniture is available in different dimensions. A wide range of accessories includes partition material or casters, etc., for configuring drawer cabinets and other equipment. In training centres, a hexagonal group workbench is often used instead of a conventional workbench. ESD workspace equipment is available for electrical installation companies. Special solutions are available for car repair shops such as cabinets for supplying power, compressed air, oil, water and other liquids. Our field representatives will be happy to provide you with an individual Quotation.


What options does LISTA offer for my workspace equipment?
Cabinets, shelving systems and workshop trolleys from LISTA provide extensive partition material for the individual configuration of your workspace equipment. LISTA offers everything from storage containers, plastic boxes, dividers, metal dividers, troughs, slotted partitions and holding pins, to anti-slide mats and foam inserts, all of which are easily combinable. Our free LISTA Script software allows convenient and standardised labelling of individual drawers to suit your requirements.


In what colours is storage and workspace equipment available from LISTA?
LISTA supplies workspace equipment in 18 standard colours to give workshops, production, offices or staff rooms an individual look: from classic or trendy to elegant. Individual areas can also be in contrasting colours or accentuated. In addition, we can also supply your workspace equipment in your company colour, preferred colour or department colour on request.


Can I see my workspace equipment in advance?
At LISTA, it goes without saying that you can see your workspace equipment in advance. The LISTA planning group offers the necessary competence and a modern visualisation software solution: with LISTA Draw, you can see in advance how your workshop, production, office, warehouse or container will look when furnished with the workspace equipment. Play it safe. We will be happy to advise you.


What customers does LISTA serve?
From Audi AG to Zoo Zurich, LISTA aarepresented in numerous branches and sectors of industry. We not only serve major customers, but also handle smaller projects, such as workspace equipment in car repair shops or workshops, with the same level of care. Contact us.

7 tips for workshops, production, warehouses, etc.

How do I choose the best workspace equipment?


1 What kind of equipment do I need for my workspace?
Every business is different and therefore has different workspace equipment requirements. Prior to planning, consider your workspace equipment requirements, the elements you need and the best configuration for your workflow. A list or drawing will help.


2 How should I arrange my workspace equipment?
The most important workspace equipment aspects are the location and intended purpose. For this reason, precisely clarify for which departments and applications you require the workspace equipment, how much space is available and the respective space conditions.


3 Is my equipment sufficiently compatible?
Ensure that all the workspace equipment fits together. This increases the ergonomics and simplifies subsequent adaptation or extension. The LISTA system ensures that all elements such as drawer cabinets, shelving, workbenches, worktables or cabinets match perfectly irrespective of the size or extent of your project.


4 Can I configure my workspace equipment individually?
At LISTA, not only can the complete workspace equipment be individually configured, but also every individual element. In this way, a perfectly tailored product is always ensured. We will be happy to advise you and provide perfect solutions.


5 In what colours is the workspace equipment available?
Colours are fun, provide identity and are a means of orientation. With a total of 18 LISTA standard colours, you can achieve a discrete, trendy or stylish effect to make your staff feel even more at home. Or give your workflow the appropriate colour accents. And, it goes without saying that we can supply your workspace equipment in your company colour, preferred colour or department colour on request.


6 What should I look for when it comes to the quality of my workspace equipment?
Your workspace equipment should be as durable and robust as possible. Choose quality. LISTA offers a 10-year guarantee and stands for recognised top quality made in Switzerland and made in Germany.


7 What level of security does my workspace equipment provide?
Protect your tools, work materials and important documents reliably and efficiently. In addition to mechanical locking solutions, LISTA also offers intelligent, electronic locking systems for your workspace equipment. Locking and opening via CODE, RFID badge or AUTO Lock simplifies and facilitates the working process constantly and securely.