The electronically controlled access system LISTA E-Control gives you maximum flexibility to allocate and manage access rights to valuable and important stored goods. With the modular solution, you can control access to the entire cabinet, individual drawers or the drawer compartments developed specially for this system as well as combine different system versions in a single cabinet. According to your requirements.


Some materials and tools will require special protection while others may be left freely accessible. The various electronic access systems from LISTA allow you to easily assign access rights exactly as needed. Stock movements may be specified for the entire cabinet, the individual drawers or a single drawer compartment. Maximum compatibility and special software control allow the different processes to be carried out within one cabinet. Every system is thus used exactly where it is actually needed.


LISTA E-Control is totally user-friendly and offers all of the basic functions for secure access control. All users have their own password, which is used to provide access to a defined group of areas of competence, depending on their level of responsibility. All handling, storage and removal processes are recorded and can be tracked at any time.


LISTA Cabinet Control

Access control at cabinet level

LISTA Drawer Control

Access control at drawer level

LISTA Parts Control

Access control at compartment level


Prevents important inventory items disappearing

Decentralised, controlled storage

Traceability and transparency of inventory

Simple, intuitive controls

No unauthorised access
to valuable products

Access around the clock

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LISTA E-Control solution for your protection concept
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