Showroom of superlatives

MAGEMA tops off long-time partnership with new LISTA exhibition

"Touch is important," confirms Rudi van Eldik. His company has been supplying numerous key industries with machines, devices and factory equipment for 35 years. Especially for this purpose, the technical service provider has now opened a new LISTA showroom at its head office in the town of Ter Aar in South Holland, near Amsterdam. The unique exhibition extends over an area of around 1,250 square metres and displays practically everything that the Swiss partner has to offer. However, the quantity is not the primary concern: "For us, it was important," emphasises van Eldik, "to present LISTA in the showroom as a system with maximum potential benefit."

Instead of individual products, MAGEMA develops solutions which are precisely tailored to one another and which interlink. "The system-based approach is a LISTA trademark," explains Markus Maritz, International Sales Director at the Swiss factory equipment specialist. "At MAGEMA you can see and feel what that means." On top of this comes a second aspect, van Eldik adds: "By touching the products, the customer immediately gets a sense of the LISTA quality." And this sense is ultimately one of the best arguments driving sales.

Purchasing experience with sector-specific system solutions

The new showroom quite deliberately makes a stand against the trend for online purchases. In Ter Aar, MAGEMA has not just created a sales exhibition, but also an ideal environment for conversations with customers: There is a dedicated room for meetings and a bar. Videos are integrated into the exhibition at several points, creating an atmosphere in which it's fun to get to know typical LISTA applications.

To ensure that things appear as close to real life as possible, the long-standing partners are presenting individual sectors and areas holistically: for example, the showroom has wide-ranging MRO system solutions for the automotive sector, aircraft maintenance and the military. A complete workstation system for the manufacturing industry or technical training equipment is developed. Special products, such as for NC tool storage, provide valuable stimuli. Customers can familiarise themselves with innovations like the locking solutions and, across all applications, allow themselves to be convinced by LISTA's in-depth understanding of the various sectors and their particular requirements.

Trusting partnership built on shared competence

"Our connection is based on competence," Rudi van Eldik comments. His father introduced LISTA to the Netherlands in 1982. Today, both companies jointly represent comprehensive planning and implementation security from which customers and other commercial enterprises can benefit. MAGEMA has been a partner of LISTA since its establishment 35 years ago. The company has a perfect understanding of the Swiss company's strategy. It can act in an advisory capacity and - thanks to its size - act quickly and reliably.

MAGEMA runs a warehouse from which around 25,000 items can be delivered in 24 hours. The company has its own technical service and major certificates, e.g. from ISO or VCA, which are often in demand. And MAGEMA has worked with most of its customers as it has with LISTA: in a trusting partnership over many years.

Convinced for the long term by quality

It is for this reason that van Eldik places so much importance on being able to rely on his partners: "Customers rightly expect that MAGEMA will provide technical services that are of excellent quality." Buyers such as the marine, aviation and automotive industries or the military think in long cycles and have corresponding requirements for the reliability, longevity and repeat order capability of the solutions they purchase.

"LISTA has fantastic products," enthuses the MAGEMA owner, adding that it's worth investing in such consistent and sustainable quality. Its commitment and the longstanding cooperation are highly prized by the manufacturer. At the showroom's opening, LISTA awarded van Eldik a personal trophy. The partners have a lot planned together: "We're proud to sell LISTA and want to continue working with LISTA alone in future," confirmed the Dutchman. Its new showroom provides the perfect foundation for this.

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