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Intelligent LISTA locking systems and solutions

The new generation of LISTA locking systems offers cutting-edge security. Modern technologies make our electronic locking systems even more flexible and easier to use. The different systems can be freely combined to create a locking system that ideally suits you and your requirements. We are happy to advise you.

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Modular locking system

perfectly adapted to your needs

Convenient control and management

via software with standard USB cable connected to the USB front port on the lock (in variants .C or .F)

Capacitive keypad

impervious to wear and easy to clean thanks to PCT technology

Easy to use

directly on the lock (in all variants)

Mobile access

via RFID badge and RFID card

Easy energy supply

via mains adaptor or batteries for easy replacement on the front of the lock

Optional retrofitting

for existing cabinets

  • Lock type/locking type

  • Access

  • Management

  • Functions

  • Key Lock




    • Standard locking system with replaceable cylinders including two keys with key number
    • Easily adapted to existing locking systems
    • Can be used as master key locking System (max. 100 cylinders) or as separate or combined locking system
  • CODE Lock

    • Locking system with 10 digits for 4- to 6-digit codes, up to 100 codes
    • Up to 100 different user codes
    • Direct access without a key
    • Code management with Lock ID Code or LISTA Access Software
    • Power supply with two standard alkaline AA batteries
    • Works for several years without changing the battery
    • Log file of last 50 events
  • RFID Lock

    • like CODE Lock
    • Use RFID badge or RFID card
    • Users can be added and removed easily using a master card, RFID badge, RFID Card or LISTA Access Software
    • Free contact for external systems

Battery operation
Standard with two standard AA batteries, replaced at the front
Adaptor (optional)

  • When ordering a LISTA product with electronic lock please add the suffix of the relevant lock type/locking type (.C or .F) to the article number from the table (e.g. 71.088.XXX.C ).

  • lcon key:

    With replaceable cylinders and two keys

    Pin code
    10 digits for 4- to 6-digit codes

    RFID badge/ RFID card
    Supports the standards: lS0/lEC 14443 Type A and B, lS0/lEC 15693,                     
             MIFARE Classic compatible 12

    Free contact
    For external systems

    User management: LISTA Access Software - USB
    Complete user/cabinet management with software via USB